3 Reasons Brooklyn Nine-Nine is A ten out of ten

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On the surface, Brooklyn Nine Nine is a hilarious television show about a group of New York police detectives. If you are eager to find a new show that will make you laugh and appreciate dry humor. . . this is for you.

Here are the top three reasons to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine:


The same people who made all of us fall in love with The Office, Parks and Recreation and The Good Place all come together to make this splashing comedy series. It is genuinely funny and the continuous references to Die Hard, Harry Potter and Star Wars will ignite the nerd in you.


Okay I know this is not a legit reason but hear me out. Have you ever clicked on a new show to see how many minutes it is? I have. When I see the remaining time as 1:02:02, I think to myself,

I can only get through 8 episodes today. . .

Not. enough. episodes.

IT’S QUARANTINE TIME and I have PLENTY of time to waste relax. #stayhome

We all have goals and I’m tryna finish a season a day.

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Luckily each episode is approximately 20 minutes so you can breeze through all 7 seasons in four days no time.

3. Captain Holt

The video speaks for itself. I have found my new favorite character.

All jokes aside, the show has amazing writers. The unique blend of characters go through stories that are funny, but also address life’s greatest challenges: relationships, racial profiling and sexuality. This is why Brooklyn Nine-Nine has such a huge impact on any audience.

So curl up up next to your friend, spouse, wine bottle, boyfriend, chocolate, girlfriend, next door neighbor, little brother, aunt, grandpa, or any other human you’re stuck in the house with.

( yes I know there a dangling preposition… you’ll get the reference once you watch it)

This is a show worth binging.

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my confidence after quarantine

Why let the experience stop there? Since we are all in the house, it is nice to get some human interaction. Take your obsession love of this show to the next level with the Cards Against Humanity version called “Brooklyn Against the Nine Nine.”

Until next time,