Start Getting What You Want: The Fyre Festival Documentary

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Netflix released a new documentary titled Fyre. But based on the series of unfortunate events, this music festival was anything but “lit.”



Billy McFarland and Ja Rule planned to create this epic Coachella-ish party in on this private island in the Bahamas. They posted their images everywhere, convincing everyone from Emily Ratajkowski to Kendall Jenner that Fyre was going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread.

To be honest, it first seemed that way. The Fyre App was first developed to serve as the “Uber” for booking talent. A little ambitious, I know. But I have to admit, it’s a cool idea. Who wouldn’t want to book popular artists at the palm of their hands? To build popularity for the app, the Fyre team decided to put on “The Fyre Festival,” an event to build their customer base while creating an amazing experience for people, artists, and celebrities/ influencers.

Simple forumla: Attractive people + tropical location + music + alcohol = $$

Sounds easy, but this simple math equation ended up being a nightmare. Promotional videoes paraded Instagram models in bikinis lounging in luxury cabanas, chef prepared food, and a great time.

But, its beautiful island location lacked the infrastructure for such a huge event. The Frye festival was trying to build a city within the city. Days leading up to the event, islanders were frantically building to create the epic party scene that was promised to thousands of people.  To make matters worst, people spent a ton of money. Like a ton.

According to the documentary, a total of $50,000.00 was spent on “luxury” villas. Collectively, ticketed guests paid up to 800K on the Fyre digital wristbands to have a “wireless experience” throughout the festival.

The day of the festival was similar to a “Lord of the Flies” nightmare: An overcrowded Island with no food, water or method of escape.

There are a couple of lessons we can see right away:

  • Piss poor planning = piss poor performance
  • Don’t spend thousands of dollars through an event you see on Instagram
  • Don’t trust people in general
  • Take accountability for your actions

Blah blah blah, yes it’s terrible.

But I think we are missing something really important. We can all learn from this because let’s be real, none of us want anything remotely similar to happen to us in the near future.

To do this, we can’t just look at the aftermath we have to look at the source. The Fyre Festival would not have received an enormous amount of media coverage if people weren’t behind the idea since its inception. The Fyre Festival mastered persuasion on a whole other level. How else do you get thousands of people to feed millions of dollars into a failing idea?

BIG LESSON: Get People to Do What You Want! Master the Art Bullsh*ting, Persuasion, or Whatever You Wanna Call It.

We can all use more persuasion in our lives. Persuasion is a life-changing skill that allows us to use our rhetoric, actions, and tone to get what we want! It is the heartbeat of the economy. Every day, we are faced with human interactions that are centered around getting what we want out of the people around us.

Now I know what you are thinking. A persuader is a manipulative, loud, pushy, and demanding person. But this is often not the case. Impact does not originate from fear. Rather, a persuader will automatically be trusted and influence others with integrity and respect.

Billy McFarland, Ja Rule and the rest of his team had an amazing ability to persuade people. The result? They were able to separate millions of people from their cash. If you are anything like me, I have a hard time spending money on things other than food. So to convince me that I need to drop 5K on a music festival takes a whole lot of persuasion or good looks. Given that Ja Rule and Billy McFarland are no Channing Tatum, thei art of persuasion have proved to be a powerful weapon.

Have it Your Way All the Time: Just Create the Cognitive Dissonance

Have you ever gone to the store to buy something like a TV or computer but end up spending way more money that you intended? You see an advertisement with a great deal that says “While Supplies Last.” So you hop in your car, drive to the local Apple or Best Buy store and when you get there…..all the sale items have sold. Lucky for you, the more expensive model is there so you end up spending an extra $500. Not what you planned, but you already committed to buying a new TV/ computer. You imagined setting it up, buying a new case, getting more storage, etc. You paid the extra $500.00 because you had  to act on your subconscious desire to connect your need for a new television with making a trip to the store.

To be a true persuader, we need to find the internal commitments of our peers, co-workers, family, friends, crushes, partners, spouses, etc. Once we have that, we can create “cognitive dissonance” in people. The Law of Dissonance says that people will naturally act in a way that is consistent with their beliefs, values, and attitudes. So when people step out of that, they are uncomfortable and more inclined to regain some mental and emotional consistency to shift back to who they really are.

When a person has mentally committed to a decision or item, they are likely to stay committed, even if the situation calls for change. This is probably why we join fancy exercise gyms, sign up for the classes, or put down our email for that free trial. We see something in products or experiences that reflect who we really are. Therefore, we do pretty much anything to regain that mental and emotional balance when we experience this cognitive dissonance.

This is exactly the tactic that Fyre Festival used to bring in thousands of people who were MENTALLY COMMITTED to going to a great party, spending time in a tropical location and taking pictures on Instagram to make everyone jealous. They created a vision that people wanted to see, selling an experience deeply rooted in aspirations that thousands of people: being famous, being wanted, going to big parties and having everyone know their name. 

Even if you don’t want to be “famous,” everyone wants some form of clout. You may want someone to address you as, Doctor, Director, Executive Director, Chairman, Shareholder, Trustee, the list goes on. Since we are committed to this idea, we are going to stay committed regardless of external factors.


So the lesson is clear. To be a master persuader find what people value, look at their attitudes and discover their beliefs. Once you have this, create the tension. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds but I am still learning how to persuade as well. So come on, you can’t expect me to have all the answers.


In other news….Fyre Festival 2.0?

Apparently, Ja Rule has plans to make a Fyre Festival 2.0……what did we do to deserve this!?


I do not want to diminish any efforts made by the citizens of the Grand Exuma Island to make Fyre happen. Their diligence and commitment should not go unnoticed. If you would like to learn more or want to help out, the GoFundMe page is an excellent resource. (:


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Netflix’s You: No, it’s not Love, it’s an obsessio​​​n

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** this entire article reveals some spoilers from the Season 1 Episode 1. I didn’t ruin too much. Besides the first episode is so good, you’ll probably just binge-watch the whole series anyway…so it’s perfectly fine to read the article (:

Dan Humphrey… you have some explaining to do. In case you missed that reference, Dan is a fictional character from a show that is near and dear to my heart: Gossip Girl. Only this time, instead of chasing after Serena Van der Woodsen, he is after another blonde girl in the big apple.

HOW DOES SHE NOT FEEL HIS PRESENCE?! I’m shooketh.  source

In Netflix’s You, Penn Badgley is Joe, a witty manager at a charming New York bookstore who has a crush on a girl named Guinevere Beck. But, his attraction quickly turns into something more. He plans a day “together.” And by together, I mean he lurks in the background of Beck’s life for an entire day as she is painfully blissfully unaware of his presence. How is he able to do this you ask? Through social media of course. If this was a subliminal message about the data privacy, this show nailed it. I’m 30 seconds away from putting all my accounts on private and shutting down this blog. Luckily, the Global Data Protection Regulation enacted in May 2018 has us kind of covered. As a law student, I have my thoughts on this. But I’ll elaborate later in the Law and Entertainment section.

I was hooked throughout the entire episode. Joe’s voice-overs were relatable. Real. Funny. And blunt with a splash of cockiness. Just how I like it. It’s edgy, mysterious and attractive. The perfect recipe for a Lifetime thriller.  

Joe Schmoe is reallll confident too. Especially when you see how homeboy gets into Beck’s apartment:

  • He finds Beck’s schedule and her address online;
  • Calls the gas company to inspect her apartment on her busiest day of the week and
  • pretends to be her boyfriend (power move) so he can enter the house.

I know this is completely wrong, but I’ve never seen trespass to land look so sexy.

My only problem is Joe’s attempt to blame his manipulative actions on ”love.” You would think that with all his time in a damn book store he would know the literary difference between love and obsession. But since he doesn’t, let’s start with a basic vocabulary lesson:

Love, according to the dictionary means “an intense feeling of affection” or the “deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone.”

While “obsession,” according to Google Dictionary means: “an idea or thought that continually occupies or intrudes on a person’s mind. “

To be honest, none of these definitions sound particularly interesting. But it’s the dictionary, not the romantic rhetoric of Paulo Coelho quotes. So just sit there and deal with it as I make my damn point.

There is a clear line between love and obsession. We crave this romantic love. I would say it’s not our fault, but it is. Unhealthy relationships and habits are engraved in our culture. You know this love too. It’s the one somehow makes fiery arguments, busting car windows, or burning him with your curling iron out of jealousy a display of “intense feeling or affection.” But let’s keep it reel ( see what I did there lol). Blaming another person for your own emotions is just an example of poor personal boundaries. Jealousy is demeaning to your partner and implies that he or she can’t control themselves. Making up after breaking up is always a fun time. But if your partner always tries to nudge you in a certain direction by using sex, then you won’t actually find what’s really bothering you. I’m not saying don’t have a good time. Find the root of the issue. If not, the behavior is nothing more than a murky reflection of your values. A partner is more than an asset, they’re a person, willing to engage in emotional support.

Blah blah blah with all this serious talk. Let’s get back to the interesting parts. Isn’t this why we watch TV in the first place?!

There is something about this “attraction gone wrong” storyline that is just SO DARN APPEALING! I know it sounds hypocritical. But I need to watch the drama unfold…but I definitely don’t want it anything remotely similar to happen in my life (* Note: this is what people in your circle think when you’re going through some shit but no one ever says it).

Although we’ve all seen it before, as an audience, we can’t get enough of this dangerous love affair. This is why movies like Obsessed,  The Perfect Guy, Single White Female, and Fatal Attraction continue to remain popular. But the show You adds its own unique twist and I am LOVING it. Even the character development is on point. Benji, Beck’s sleeping buddy? ex-boyfriend is a frightening conglomerate of the worst guys I’ve met, seen, and heard about in my own life. It’s captured perfectly when Benji says to Beck, ” It looks good on you….the extra weight” after Beck had terrible sex with him.

Overall, we learned a couple things from episode 1:

  • Joe Schmoe is a sneaky mofo. (The character’s name is actually Joe Goldberg, but I really wanted a rhyme.)
  • Beck needs to look up from her phone more often.
  • I should probably get some blinds on my apartment windows…


Lastly, episode 1 ends with Benji locked up in Joe’s dungeon underneath his bookstore and I SCREAMED at my laptop, OMG he’s gonna kill Benji!?!

I’m not going to spoil it for you. All I know is this: whether Penn Badgley stars as Dan Humphrey or Joe Goldberg, even if he does some sneaky CIA shit…THAT’S A SECRET I’LL NEVER TELL! I’m loyal to Gossip Girl and you should be too.

I’m a dedicated fan, with too much time on my hands…

I know this post was a long one but Episode 1 had such great content so it really got me typing. Enjoy binging more episodes, you know I will.

xoxo, RR by LR




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Un fin de semana, decidí ver algo nuevo en Netflix. Cuando vi la serie de televisión “MADE IN MEXICO” pensé que sería interesante. Así que, hice clic en él. MADE IN MEXICO es un programa de televisión español que sigue a un grupo de amigos que viven en la ciudad de México. 

Kitzia, Liz, Carlos, Hanna, Robby, Chantal, Pepe, Colu, y Shanik
[de izquierda a derecha]

Kitzia Mitre, es una mujer que vive en el ojo público porque proviene de una familia histórica mexicana. Ella es la bisnieta de Gustavo Baz Prada, un revolucionario mexicano y politiano. Estudia moda y trabaja como diseñadora. Kitzia está casada con Pedro Checa.

Roby Checa es el hermano menor de Pedro. Actualmente es soltero. Esto no es importante, pero es bueno mencionar (; 

Carlos Girón Longoria es un hombre de la intemperie muy conocido y guapo.

Shanik Aspe es una presentadora de televisión que recientemente decide perseguir su sueño como cantante. ¡Ella es una súper estrella!

Modela Columbia “Colu” Diaz es gracioso y agradable. Colu también es soltero. Kitzia quiere que ella tenga una cita con Robby. Pero…. ella le gusta Pepe. Casual. Debe ser horrible tener varios tipos que quieren que al mismo tiempo. 

Hanna Jaff es una chica ambiciosa. Ella ha completado muchos grados y tiene una lista muy larga de cosas para completar antes de que ella muera (esto es similar a un Bucket List). Hanna está muy lograda. Pero algo de ella parece estar fuera. ¡Con todos sus grados, usted pensaría que ella sería lo suficientemente inteligente como para mantenerse alejado de todo este drama!  

Liz Woodburn, una chica americana que se mudó a México después de casarse con su esposo, Carlos Olson. Ella trabaja como una bloguera de comida.  Chantal Trujilio es una bloguera de moda. Su estilo es asombroso. Finalmente, Pepe Díaz es un emprendedor inspirador. 

Quiero dar un análisis muy detallado de todas las personas en este programa. Pero, ¿cómo podría? Es un grupo de “fresas” (una palabra que es un estereotipo de la gente rica) gritando el uno al otro mientras que usa ropa costosa. Claro, hay un drama ocasional: familia, amigos, celos, triángulos de amor, secretos, mentiras. La fórmula perfecta para una serie de televisión básica. 

Hay momentos dulces ocasionales entre amigos. Pero la mejor parte del espectáculo es….. LA ROPA. Haría cualquier cosa para tener su estilo. Si quieres ver a los hombres guapos y la alta costura con estilo, este es el espectáculo adecuado para usted. 


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Bodyguard: Love in the First 5 Minutes

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Some people believe in love at first sight. Which is valid, I do too. It can be a person’s captivating smile, that twinkle in their eye, or they’re simply giving off the right aura. Whatever that inexplicable attraction may be….I’ve felt it. It happened. Recently. During the first five minutes…of watching Bodyguard on Netflix.

Damn, this show actually makes me want to be a spy. Actually, no correction. This show makes me want to commit a crime that is a threat to national security just so Richard Madden comes to my rescue.


Ignoring his outstanding good looks and charming accent, it is no surprise Richard Madden received a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a drama series. He perfectly melts into his role throughout the entire pilot.  The show centers around Richard Madden as David Budd, a war veteran who works as a Metropolitan Police Service in the Royalty and Specialist Protection in London. In episode 1, we are quickly exposed to David’s private life. He is captivating. In the first twenty minutes, he calms down a suicide bomber thanks to his striking good looks wit and communication skills. While the next scenes show us he is talking with his ex-wife (Vicky) about their dissolving marriage.

After his successful negotiation with the suicide bomber, David is appointed as the police protection officer for Britain’s Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). Montague is the definition of HBIC. She’s a stern politician, advocating for British involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as increasing government powered surveillance to protect public safety. Julia’s numerous enemies don’t make David’s job any easier. Plus, David’s broken relationship with Vicky makes him extremely emotionally available. UGH, so Julia and David end up having some mad attraction between each other. *rolls eyes out of jealousy

But David experiences his own inner conflicts. He is loyal and devoted to a case that repeatedly places him in life-threatening situations while constantly reminded of traumatic memories, accompanied by emotional and physical stress. The disparity produces a cognitive dissonance, which is why David appears to be so unhappy in the first episode.

Although it’s just the beginning, I’m in love. I found myself glued to every, single, micro-expression that David made throughout the episode. Within the first episode, Bodyguard has proved to be a well-written political thriller that is all-encompassing. The dialogue and cinematic style create a story filled with anticipation that kept me hooked the entire time. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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