Después de 183 episodios

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Hola 🙂 

Tengo muchas cosas para ti este weekend. Hace dos semanas (more or less) ví el ultimo episodio de “El Clon,” el show a Netflix sobre el amor, la familia, la vida y otras cosas también.

Por supuesto, Él Clon es una historia del amour. Ugh y yo soy una chica romántica, entonces. . . me encanta todos los episodios del programa.

I want to write this whole thing in Spanish but maybe I should do it in English.

Si? No? Yes?

Okay now I am having some sort of playful banter with myself.

I think I have officially gone insane.

Maybe it’s because I spent 183 hours of my life watching the ultimate telenovela: El Clon.

I know what you’re thinking…


Well guess what? You do. It’s quarantine people.

Normally, there are a million other things to do on a Friday night. But tonight take some time to try something new. Plus, the little moments in our day add up. Did you know that the average person spends 120 hours a year doing laundry?

Just kidding that’s junk science and I made that up. But if you almost believed me that means you are spending way too much time folding clothes instead of living your life.

It’s Quarantine people! Now is the time to jump into the dramatic world of Spanish Soap operas… and possibly do laundry.

Until next time, 

Lauryn <3 


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6 thoughts on “Después de 183 episodios

    1. Hi Giovanna 🙂 yes the show is amazing! There is SO much drama but it is basically a “forbidden love” type of story. It’s worth the watch! I think the writers capture the ups and downs of life while touching on essential topics such as religion, relationships, friendships, gender roles, clashes in culture, substance abuse and personal growth. It’s dramatic enough to be entertaining but not too far removed from real life. When a show is able to hit that delicate balance, I think it is really special. I will definitely check out your blog 🙂 Thank you for connecting and stay healthy 🙂

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