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Hey family!

This COVID-19 has me out here trying some new stuff. Don’t worry I am staying 6 feet away from people. But after eight days of being in the house, fresh air was definitely needed.

During my time of hibernation social distancing, I decided to watch a new show on Netflix called GLOW UP.

Instead of enchanting you with my rhetoric, this review was made with a dash of iMovie skills and my iPhone 7.


WARNING: You will want to take cinematography lessons from me after watching this video.

It’s only 5-6 minutes because I have the attention span of a 6-year-old child. Can we talk about this thumbnail image people… someone better take me out the library and teach me this hip YouTube thing.

If you watched my video until the end…you are amazing. Seriously, hats off to you. There are some pretty good bloopers in there. I think the bloopers are longer than the video…

Definitely inherited my father’s cinematography skills.


Glow Up is breathtaking show about art and beauty coming to life.

What is beauty, you ask? (damn that’s a deep philosophical question that society has been grappling with for centuries…)

Confucius said “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.”

Popular opinion has told us “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or “beauty is only skin deep”

I think a freshly printed paper of my final essay the day I have to turn it in to my professor is beautiful. Come on, there is something attractive about a nice looking document. Am I right? #official.

Pizza is also pretty cool. And chocolate too. Damn, do I only see beauty in food? That’s probably because my Quarantine schedule is:

Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 12.30.35

It be like that sometimes.

Glow Up shattered my stereotypical opinions of this through makeup. This show is simply inviting. A cheerful reminder that our colorful collection experiences are worth celebrating. Since we are social distancing, you can try out new looks in the comfort of your home and no one has to know 😉

So change your sweat pants and comb your hair. After watching GLOW UP you’ll be putting the “QT” back in Quarantine.

Stay healthy and home my friends <3

Until next time,

Lauryn 🙂


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