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WASTED! The Story of Food Waste

I took a trip to Chicago this past week. Before I left, I ate some hummus and chips for lunch. Stamped at the bottom of the hummus package said “Best Buy” along with an arbitrary date. Thinking this was just any other day, I tossed it. There was still hummus in the jar, and I didn’t think about the consequences of food waste.  I didn’t think about that hummus until I was choosing a movie on the plane, and clicked on Wasted: The Story of Food Waste.

“90% of Food Waste in America goes to landfills”

This was a shocking statistic. I have to admit, at first I thought this documentary was some sort of scare tactic. But this documentary took on a new twist.Wasted  incorporated the harsh realities of food waste in a tasteful manner. Through the eyes of great chefs.

Let’s face it. If you know these articles by now you know that there is some sort of celebrity crush. This documentary delivered and served up two smokin’ chefs:

Chef Dan Barber:

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 8.37.41 PM.png
Dan Barber 

As a chef in New York, Dan inspires his customers by creating great unique dishes that utilize every part of any plant or vegetable he uses. As a chef, he strives to create delicious food that are grown locally and allow customers to enjoy meals that were made from uncommon fruits, veggies and grains.

Entrepreneur and activist Tristram Stuart:

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 9.00.14 PM

I’m not eating carbs this week, but that smile can convince me otherwise. Tristram Stuart, founder of Toast-Ale, is extremest attractive has taken all of the unwanted pieces of bread to make an unlikely product: beer. His company Toast Ale, aims to eliminate bread waste into a tasty new product for all to enjoy.

This documentary was the prime example of innovation. I was inspired, captivated by the creativity of one of the most amazing chefs around the world. I thought to myself, how could I eliminate food waste in my own life. Here are three tips to eliminate food waste in your life:

1. Eat Ugly Produce

Many foods are wasted at the store merely because they don’t look perfect on the shelf. In reality, they have the same great taste. I’ve made it a mission to pick to ugly bell pepper or that apple with a slight bruise. We all have imperfections, even our foods and it’s time to embrace it because it’s all delicious 🙂

2. Connect with Food

Although we all may not have a chance to grow our own food, we can choose to buy locally from the communities around us. 🙂

3. Cook more! (maybe with an attractive Sous-Chef)

Fuel your creative spirit or propose a fun date night in! Whatever the dish, cooking more will allow you to experiment with new dishes guaranteed to use all of your new, fresh and healthy resources!

Additional Reading: If you would like to learn more about the food waste epidemic or would like to learn more about food waste be sure to check out these resources below:


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