Why we should all live life on Temptation Island


Usually I try to obtain from reality TV, but I have been sucked into yet another show that has singles ages 21 to 35 looking for love on a lost island in the middle of the ocean.

These shows typically have the same layout: 20 single girls, 20 single guys. It is a battle of the sexes. A colorful cocktail of single young men and women willing to showcase every moment of their love life. Or “love” life.

Temptation Island adds a surprising twist. The show brings 4 couples to an Island in Hawaii, each with a unique problem in their relationship. The girls and guys separate into two villas where they are welcomed by a group of the opposite sex all looking for love.

At first I thought that it was just a regular dating show. But the fact that the couples are going through the experience together adds a spicy twist. At the end of their journey, the couples reunite and have three options: leave the island together, leave the island alone or leave with someone else.

Temptation Island is already in their second season. But it is not finished. However, I am IN LOVE with the first season. I even had time to rewatched the first season. . . it’s just that good.

There are four amazing couples, but one in particular is what made Season 1 extra spicy.

Kaci and Evan

Kaci and Evan dated on and off for ten years. They both entered Temptation Island looking to engage in the entire experience: date new people, act like they are single and decide if they are truly meant for each other. They both knew that it would be difficult to resist temptation but little did they know it would be even harder to resist falling in love.

This is what happened to Evan. After just one month on the Island and 6 months later, he proposed to Morgan, one of the singles he met on the island.

Evan and Morgan–> this is the link to their Youtube Channel!


Home girl Kaci was shooketh. And I was too. To be honest this is what the show was meant for. I know what you’re thinking: maybe I need to sign up for temptation Island. But the truth is . . .


Think about it. There are couples everyday, faced with singles who are looking for love. Sure it may not be as cut throat or in an isolated island environment. However, we all have the opportunity to create a life and relationship we want, whether or not it is on reality TV.

Here are three ways we can all live life as if we were on temptation Island.


The singles on the Island had the opportunity to say yes. Yes to hanging out. Yes to dates. Yes to enjoying each other’s presence. However, in the real world life gets in the way. We have exams, meetings, conferences, travel. We are busy. But if we said yes more often? Yes to the birthday party, wedding, book club invitation, or dinner invite. This will lead us to more opportunities to create lasting friendships or even relationships.

2. Make unsocial activities social.

How many times do we decide to “work from home” or even workout at home. BORING. How are we expected to find our “Morgan” or “Evan” when we spend a majority of our time at home, sitting in front of a screen?! Yes you.

I challenge you to go to a gym class, or a coffee shop to do work. . Let’s get out there, and get busy.

3. Live Life in Abundance

The reason Temptation Island worked so well is because you had four guys in a relationship presented with 20 singles eager to meet them. In their mind they are thinking “wow look at all these options.” I think this fostered them to want to build a connection with other people, unafraid. If we all acted like we were on Temptation Island and felt like there was an abundance of people waiting to meet us, I think we would be more open to developing opportunities.

Final thoughts…

Not bad for a reality tv show. To my surprise, it is a hit. I loved this show and you should too. The process is not designed for couples to learn about their relationships. It is more about learning about themselves.

On the surface, it appears to be another show about singles on some uncharted island. But, it teaches you important life lessons about relationships, self development and confidence.

Let’s go out into the world today living on Temptation Island because let’s face it, temptation, life, and love are everywhere.

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